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Terms & Conditons

The Online Payments and recurring card payments systems have been provided by “ WALBAYZON LLP” and its third party suppliers. The terms and conditions for this online payment system are subject to change at any time. All the changes will be made effective immediately. If you have any questions about the terms & conditions or Privacy Policy or Refund Policy, please contact “ WALBAYZON LLP “ in writing addressed to our legal team  

All the payments of “ WALBAYZON LLP” using the Online Payment Facilities are subject to the terms & conditions as listed below:

  • You agree that while using the Online Payment facility you are authorized to use the Debit Card or Credit Card for the payment you are making.

  • Payments will be credited to “ WALBAYZON LLP ” account.

  • To avail the use of Online Payment system, you have to register with detailed information like name, contact details and other personal information for further process.

  • When you complete the Online Payment Form, funds will be deducted from your account in the selected currency. And it’s your responsibility to check with card supplier that payment has been deducted.

  • “ WALBAYZON LLP ” will confirm your payment details via email or sms.

  • “ WALBAYZON LLP ”  is not responsible for any delay in receipt of fee payment in “WALBAYZON LLP”

  • Account due to incorrect account number or any other incorrect details entered by you. Neither  “WALBAYZON LLP ”  can accept the liability if payment is declined or refused by the Debit/Credit Card supplier for any reason.

  • All Fees quoted are in Indian Rupees. Any currency conversion costs or any other charges incurred by you when making payment shall be borne by you.

  • “ WALBAYZON LLP ”  will not be liable for any damages arising out of the use, inability to use or any other pages linked to the website.

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